Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Time without shape

Having time is not the same as having balance. I had all the time in the world in December but spent most of that time gnashing my teeth about the lack of work on my desk. In the end, the month passed and the time was used, but I felt frustrated more than fulfilled.

As a business owner, it's essential be fully in charge not only of my time, but also of the shape I give that time. Hours and minutes are just that - hours and minutes. Time becomes meaningful only when I shape those hours and minutes into productive endeavour. Doing so with conscious effort, with intention - that's the way to 'have a good day'.

I've come to realize that lists are my friend. Make a list. Follow the list. Check off the items. Move through the day by following the shape of it the list supplies.

Lesson learned. Lists on every surface. Discipline exerted. Time has shape. Shape gives meaning.

Have a well-shaped day, my friends!

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