Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Lessons in the garden

Everything really important in life can be learned in the garden:

First the rain, then the sun, then things grow.

Ten minutes here and there keeps it looking good. Much better than good intentions to spend half a day making it look gorgeous.

Earthworms can be startling creatures but their work deep down is vital to what shows above.

Cats love sitting in among the plants. Natural (and wise) decorations that move with the sun.

Build a retaining wall and little kids will play on it. Young spirits bring good energy.

A plan is essential.

Ripping out wild and unexpected growth is essential.

Letting unexpected things spurt up between the plan is essential.

What was dormant last year, may come back better next.

Getting your hands dirty early in the season gives you a jump on new growth.

Whether sites of activity or quiet contemplation, gardens ARE life.