Sunday, October 31, 2010

When the pipes burst

Nothing in life is guaranteed. Not love, security, happiness or health. The only thing I know for sure is that I am in charge of choosing how to respond to the good and the bad that comes my way.

Yesterday, I learned the city water line that comes into my house has sprung a leak -- and it's my responsibility to have it replaced. Yikes - that will be messy and expensive. I'd love there to be someone to blame, someone to take responsibility. But there is no one and nothing to blame. The pipes are old and I happen to own the property they service. Damn and blast, but there you have it. Life. When you least expect it. Smacks you in the eye.

I am overwhelmed and exhausted even before I begin to sort this out. But focusing on those emotions will get me precisely nowhere.

Pick myself up. Dust myself off. And start calling those contractors. That'll get the ball rolling and repairs happening. Even though each step brings me one closer to my lovingly tended front yard being dug up, it's the only way through this mess. And it's going to get messier.

Oh well. At least the basement hasn't flooded...yet.