Monday, January 11, 2010

Average is perfect

'Hey - it's ok to be average; being average is normal - that's why most of us are average - it's where the meaning of the word comes from - most of us are it and it's average!' So said a workshop leader the other day, and I thought: What a great paradigm shift.

Instead of spending time and energy being extraordinary, exceptional, superlative and unique, why not spend time and energy simply being authentically who we are?

Of course, we're driven these days to perfection and exception, to individualism and uniqueness. But it's hard work and it doesn't seem to make us any happier.

How about we all resolve to chill in 2010. Forget perfection and exception. Aim for happy medium. Choose contentment. Settle for being authentic and kind and thoughtful.

Cop out or wisdom for the time? What do you think?

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wizardofwords said...

I'm all with you, Amanda. I've always tried to live my life within moderation (which was my father's mantra) - even though I try to live every day as though it could be my last and enjoy every moment to the fullest (because my mother died so young).

Sometimes being a moderate who lives life to the fullest is in itself ... quite the challenge!